Fenella Fudge

Fenella Fudge

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"Authoritative, warm, compelling"

Want that confident blue chip sound suffused with warmth and gravitas?
Want lighthearted teaching text brought to life?
Want amazing extreme cartoon and gaming characters?
Want bloodcurdling battle cries and gruesome death rattles?
Want naturalistic character voices for fantasy games?
Whatever you want - I'll gladly do you a bespoke audition and you can decide whether to hire me!


With 25+ years in the industry, I have added to my experience by undertaking specialist training in associated voice disciplines for gaming, ADR and looping. I mostly voice for audiobooks and gaming, but continue with corporate work and blue chip clients who still need that 'classic' authoritative RP sound.


Many big clients... some I can name, but there are NDAs in place, sorry! Here are a few: British Airways, The Economist, KLM, Audible, Anne Summers, BBC and ITV.


I can bark like a dog. Yes, really.