Erin Lillis

Erin Lillis

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"Casual, gal next door with a sardonic sound and gallows humor."

I've got a casual sound with a bit of grit and huskiness so I play well as friends, neighbors, co-workers and "the fun aunt." I also have a huge love for playing villains in storytelling projects, video games and animation. I love to work as a voice actor in audio dramas because of my range and the ability to really play up characters for audio. In those spaces I often get cast for "Young Mom" roles because I have a maternal, empathetic warmth I can turn on at will. In corporate, commercial, explainer videos, e-learning and more I'm often hired because I can sound like a real person or at least a "non-monotone" narrator.


Kalmenson and Kalmenson
Groundlings Improv Workshops


Home Depot, Spectrum Cable, Amazon, The College Board, Moda Health, Zirc Dental, Straumann dental, Blue Cloud PSC dental, Unity Point Health, Luna Bar, Think Realty, SAE Mobilus, Scout ECommerce, Milwaukee Zoo, Chickasaw Hall of Fame, Adventure Science Center, City of Los Angeles, Olivela, Albensi Health, PolicyMap, Apple Auto, NCORPS, Medford Multicare Center, Lease Accelerator, The NoSleep Podcast (Podcast), Congeria (Podcast), Calling Darkness (Podcast), The Alexandria Archives (Podcast), The Grey Rooms (Podcast), Seeking Dawn (Video Game), Stifled (Video Game), (Video Game)


I also do sound design and podcast/audio drama production.