Edward Hurst

Edward Hurst

Membre depuis 5 années
"Energetic Young British Northern Male Accent"

My voice is warm, clear, believable and from the North of England. Due to it's clarity, it gives a warm and authentic accent, but has been identified as anything from Mancunian, Welsh, Yorkshire or Geordie.

I can provide an enthusiastic and fun energy for commercials, or humour for narration, and it can also deliver a friendly and honest tone for presentations and explainer videos. I can also deliver a range of accents from the extreme to subtle, and have a great ability to quickly read and understand a clients needs for quick turnaround time.


I have been a member of the National Youth Theatre GB since I was 17, training me to use my voice in a live setting leading to a career in musical comedy that I have performed across the country, appearing on BBC Radio 4 and MTV UK.

Alongside this, I have developed voice acting specific skills through radio and podcast work - first presenting a radio show with Myspace when I was 16, before going into work with my own podcasts and work with BBC Radio Lancashire and BBC Radio 4 Extra.


I've worked for a number of clients ranging from internal company communications, including orientation videos and training, to promotional and explainer videos for services including mental health support. Alongside this I have also provided narration and audio book work for a number of podcasts, and voice over work for culture organisations.

I have produced podcasts, where I presented, recorded and edited myself and other individuals for the Blaze Arts organisation, presenting this work in galleries across the North West. I am currently working on presenting and voice work for Salford Museum and Art Gallery. I was also co-host of the Mars Planets Myspace Radio Show.

Previous Clients include:
Big White Wall
Blaze Arts
Salford Museum and Art Gallery


I can sing, play guitar, bass and Midi Keyboard, and am very experience with audio editing software and production including Reaper, Audacity and Adobe Audition