Douglas Scott

Douglas Scott

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"A deep, rich and soothing voice with a warm, friendly delivery."

Are you looking for a voice that sounds genuine and dependable? How about a comforting and trustworthy voice? Or, perhaps your project calls for a likeable voice or the “Voice of God.” Douglas Scott can do them all.

Douglas has a deep, rich and soothing tone with a warm, friendly, conversational, trustworthy and persuasive delivery. His voice is professional, reliable, sincere and authoritative—ranging from fatherly to professorial. Douglas has an excellent ability to look at a piece of copy and instantly know how to approach it. He can go from being a spokesperson for natural care products one minute to narrating a wildlife documentary the next. His articulate, conversational voiceover style connects with audiences in a real and understandable way.

Based in the Boston area, Douglas Scott provides a full range of voiceover services worldwide. Douglas has used his voice throughout his career as an international tax lawyer in countless speaking engagements where he has demonstrated his ability to make complicated topics understandable. Douglas is also a lecturer at the Boston University School of Law Graduate Tax Program where his students' evaluations praise his compelling delivery of what many would consider dry material—tax law. And his experience serving clients worldwide as an international tax lawyer ensures that your project not only gets the right voice that brings your words to life, but that you also get someone who delivers with the utmost professionalism.

From complicated tax rules to top quality recordings, this international tax lawyer turned professional voice-over artist is equal parts actor and entrepreneur. Douglas is not just a voice actor, he believes in engaging clients as partners. Douglas Scott does voiceovers because he loves what he does, and he cares about you. His passion is enabling you to bring your project to life through personalized service you can trust.

Douglas has spent his entire life in the service industry and understands the importance of delivering your project on time and within budget.


Such a Voice; In addition, as an international tax lawyer and lecturer at law, Douglas Scott has extensive experience behind the microphone as a much sought-after speaker, where he has engaged audiences for years with his polished presentations.


Douglas Scott has extensive experience behind the microphone as a much sought-after speaker, where he has engaged audiences for years with his polished presentations. He has honed his ability to zone in on and authentically deliver the sturdy and assuring authority we all want to hear. He knows how to bring listeners in and keep them. And with his easily directed, prompt and dependable professionalism, he can confidently promise that your project will be well done with a quick turnaround.

Douglas is a male, non-union voice actor who records voiceovers for commercials, e-Learning, meditations, corporate training, network promos, business and medical narrations, documentaries, audio books and more! His smooth voice and sincere, conversational style are perfect for a wide array of voiceover applications.

Douglas Scott offers an appealing mix of creative thinking and artistic sensitivity to your voice over needs. An experienced actor and entrepreneur, Douglas combines his knowledge and adaptability across various industries with an emotional intelligence and intuition that he brings to every project.


Post production and Douglas Scott’s diverse background enhances his voiceover flexibility, allowing him to narrate a broad array of projects as the believable guy-next-door, and he looks forward to working with you on your next project! Reach out to see what he can do for you.