Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke

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"Your friendly, believable, relatable - go to voice!"

I am able to deliver a read that is Young and Energetic or Mature and Authoritative depending on your needs. My voice is Professional, Bright, Guy Next Door, Relatable, Compelling, Sincere, and most of all Believable.


I've trained with some of the best coaches in the country including Tom Pinto, David Rosenthal, Elaine Clark, Anne Ganguzza, Joyce Castellanos, Steve Reisberg, Patrick Fraley, Tish Hicks, Rebecca Haugh, Dan Friedman and Nancy Wolfson.


I have 20+ years of radio broadcast experience which included producing radio imaging for a chain of stations and voicing 1000's of commercials.


As an experienced audio producer I can add music and sound effects to your projects as needed.