Daniel Britt

Daniel Britt

Membre depuis 3 années •
"From Authoritative & Strong, to Casual & Relaxed"

Over two decades of broadcast experience, including my own show on SiriusXM for 10 years. Well versed in Christian radio applications, such as communicating with warmth and in a genuine, caring manner.
Warm, Deep, Fun, Smooth, Believable, Sincere, Smooth, Attitude (or not!)


Radio broadcasting professional since 1996; studying under the mentorship of one of the truly great Voices of our time.


Produced and hosted my own show, airing three times weekly on SiriusXM Satellite Radio for a decade. Voice talent work with concert promoter agencies and direct artists alike for concert and venue-based applications, in addition to a myriad of radio and television projects.


I have post production skills, as well as great ability in radio hosting (voicetracking and co-hosting), promo, imaging, commercial, trailer, and documentary applications.