Dallas Thomas

Dallas Thomas

Membre depuis 6 années
"Youthful, Animated and Nuanced"

My voice has been described as animated, yet nuanced with remarkable diction. I've got a clear and clean youthful sound in the soprano/mezzo-soprano range.

Twenty-something, girl next door, young mom are a perfect match for my voice. I used to compete in poetry and prose recitation, and am an accomplished Shakespearean stage actress. I have a strong command of cadence, tone and pacing. I can easily deliver mellow, heartfelt or lyrical recordings, as well as punchier, silly commercial styles.

Professionally, I work with a theatre company which produces multi-genre performances of children's original stories. In addition to acting, I design the music for these performances and provide a wide range of character voices and narration styles.


I hold a BFA in acting from Oklahoma State University. I've worked professionally on stage, screen and in commercials since 2005. I picked up some voice over work last year, and found that I enjoy it a great deal, so I'm now actively pursuing VO work.

I am an actor and production manager for a theatre company that produces 15 shows a year, all of which are very vaudevillian, featuring multiple short pieces in a variety of genres. I design sound for these shows, and provide a wide range of narrator and character voices.


The University of Arizona, UA Online
Official voice of the program
Multiple 15, 30 second and 1 minute radio ads
VO for Online recruitment and ad videos
Phone System

The University of Arizona, Enrollment Recruitment
Vocals for "Don't Miss Out" animated web series

Literacy Connects
PSA for Reading Seed Program
PSA for English Language Acquisition for Adults Program
PSA for Stories that Soar! event
Learning A-Z
Narration for software explainer video
VO "teacher testimonial" for online advertising
Narration for children's book

Southern Arizona Landscaper's Association
Pre-recorded presenter for annual regional awards ceremony


I use Adobe Audition.