Christopher Buckley

Christopher Buckley

Membre depuis 4 années
"Young and resonant voice with a range of characters inside"

I pride myself on having a very clear speaking voice, with well rounded consonants and solid vowel sounds. Added to this is an unusually strong and audible chest resonance which I developed during my training that gives my voice a persistent warmth and gravitas, ideal for audiobook readings and announcements. In addition I have a flexible range both ascending and descending which, coupled with a natural flair for accents and inhabiting different vocal zones in my body, allows me to create a variety of character voices that are sustainable and suitable for all types of animated media.


I was trained on the BA Acting course at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire from 2013 to 2016. Whilst there, I trained extensively in and exceled at the use and development of the Voice from practitioners who regularly coach at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. I also had the honor of representing the school at the 2016 Carleton Hobb's Award, a competition run by the country's leading drama schools and the BBC, from which I received high praise from the panel for my work. Since leaving I have continued to learn the VO trade by attending regular webinars held by Gravy for the Brain Ltd, a Voice-over company, and workshops on all aspects of the industry with the Actors Guild.


2019 - Dubbing - Marzio Oreggi - 'Luna Nera', Netflix - Directed by David John
2019 - Voice Over - Ship - 'Alienated', Wilson & Wilson Productions - Directed by James Mace
2019 - Voice Over - Officer Joe Morgan - 'Saving Jonah', The Cockpit Theatre - Directed by Fiona Munro
2019 - Audio Drama - Kolya/Cook/Ensemble - 'One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch', Brill Productions/BBC Radio 4 - Directed by Clive Brill
2018 to Present - Podcast - Co-Host - 'Transatlanticism', Self Produced
2017 - Audio Drama - Joe/Max/Rory/Willie/Harry/Butchers Boy/Vicars Boy - 'Black Beauty', Audible/Wireless Theatre - Directed by Cherry Cookson


I have a strong baritone singing voice. I'm very proficient in a wide range of accents. I have the ability to self-record and self-edit material in a custom fitted studio. I regularly write for a film production company. I have excellent sight reading skills and possess robust pronunciation skills.