Chris Bone

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"Clear, authoritative, confident UK RP with good ear for accents"

I am an experienced English Language Teaching (ELT) voiceover artist and I also have some experience in ADR, audiobooks and video game voiceover. I am looking to expand my work into the commercial sector. My natural voice is a clear British RP but I am also comfortable working in some regional UK accents, General American and Australian, as well as having a good ear for other accents. I am an excellent sight reader thanks to my ELT experience, where you often only receive the script a few moments before you enter the recording booth.


I trained for three years at Drama Centre London with voice and radio training by David Angus.


I am regularly employed by ELT producers Ian Harker and James Richardson. I've also worked on ADR for a major European television documentary and provided additional voices for Audible's recording of The Child by Sebastian Fitzek.


I am a strong high baritone singer and I'm also a multi-instrumentalist and composer.