Charles Stepback

Charles Stepback

Membre depuis 9 années
"Upbeat Friendly,Guy Next Door,Character Specialist"

Chuck Stepback provides professional voice talent ranging from the guy next door, warm, friendly, conversational, sincere, and familiar to the high energy, and impactful voice you are looking for to captivate and inform your audience and sell your product or services.

Chuck can also deliver a vast array of cartoon/anime, and video game character voices that range from the comedic to the intense if needed.


University Wisconsin Milwaukee - Film and Audio Production
Vast array of workshops and seminars
Private vocal training
Edge Studios


National & local radio spots
Video games


Guy Next Door, Neutral Accent,Midwest, Canadian, Surfer Dude, Mad Scientist, High pitched Gremlin or Golum type character, Countless other character voices to meet any need,
Variety of English speaking Accents. Cajun, Southern, English(North American), English (British), English (Irish), English (Scottish).