Cailey Bourdages

Cailey Bourdages

Membre depuis 4 années
"Young, Versatile, Energetic, and Upbeat"

Over the years I've played around with the multiple things my voice could be made to do. I quickly discovered I have a knack for doing higher and younger voices. This means that I'm able to pass as a child by simply using my voice. The youthfulness in my voice can be aged up to match that of my actual young adult self. This will be useful when it comes to upbeat commercials, animation characters, and when you may need someone younger, but feel it would be better to hire someone who is a legal adult.

Another one of my favorite things to do is learn accents. I have a multitude under my belt already like southern, english, Irish, Australian, and French. I am willing/wanting to expand my roster of accents to be able to play hundreds of different characters.


I studied with Carol Stanzione and learned everything from animation voiceover, video game, commercial, dubbing, narration, and so much more.

This training has given me a good base to play off of when it comes to voice over work. However, an actors training is never truly done and I will continue learning more of the tricks and tips of this industry.


I have successfully created two reels a commercial and character reel.

I have done two voice-overs in films and would love to do many more.


Along with speaking roles, I love to sing and have plans to record some music in the near future.