Brad Mielke

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"High Energy, Smooth, Sarcastic, Guy Next Door, PERFECTIONIST"
Brad Mielke

My 25 years of radio broadcasting experience has involved voicing thousands of audio projects. Other freelance work outside the radio station has included work through various freelance websites including explainer video voice overs, commercials, podcast intros and outros, character voice projects, on-hold messaging and more. With whatever I do (especially voice overs), I'm a perfectionist. During a voice over, I'm constantly listening to what I have recorded and tweaking it until I'm happy with the product, making sure the volume of the audio and emotion of the content are consistent throughout. You will get the best quality sound from me with each voice over I submit.


I have had much practice with over 25 years of radio broadcasting and audio production, including over 10 years of freelance voice over work on various websites, including two where I am a "top seller/top rated" voice over freelancer.


So far, my top "gig" has been national TV voice overs for "Goliath Games" including "Giggle Wiggle," "Shark Bite," "Catch the Fox," Tick Tock Boom," "Doggie Doo," and "Slap."


I am experienced in post editing, removing pops, adding sound effects and background music and mixing down to a finished audio project.