Bart Vleugels

Bart Vleugels

Membre depuis 6 années •
"Bi-cultural / Bi-lingual (Flemish/USA) talent"

I speak Flemish (Belgium Dutch) and I have lived in the US since 1996. I speak English fluently and 95% accent-free:-) I have my own studio and have been a Protools editor since 1996.


I started as an audio engineer and worked with VO talent daily. I also spent every day with producers and directors. I learned what they want, need, and even the various A-B-Cs of a take. In Belgium, I worked as a DJ. I combined the 2 and now work as a Flemish VO talent in Oklahoma City, OK. I work with clients in Europe, and translation companies on the US East and West Coast.


Most of my work is E-learning and the occasional commercial. Customer highlights are Thalys (hi-speed train in Europe), the Flemish voice guide for the touring Harry Potter exhibit in Brussels and a monthly translation/VO job (from English to Flemish) of a 15-minute safety video for an international steel recycling company. I also record for various large corporations providing them with e-learning tutorials, mostly internet safety classes


I speak Flemish natively. Most people in the US can't figure out where my slight accent is coming from. I also have 20 years of experience with Protools. I can provide just VO or a fully-produced spot. I have access to music, SFX, etc.