August Sargenti

Membre depuis 7 années
"Gravelly, Authentic, Confident, Clear, and Warm"

Working out of Los Angeles, August Sargenti has a combined 6+ years of experience in the industry. Represented locally and nationally, August as been used in Explainer videos, television, radio, IVR's, Audio Book narration, video games, and animation.

His neutral voice sits between the Alto - Tenor range, but able to shift up or down as needed. He has a natural rasp that can be accentuated, or reduced depending on the tone of the read in all ranges.
Can be smooth and well spoken for business, and fun/ casual for your more upbeat and quirky projects.


I got my bachelors in performing arts from CSUStanislaus, and am classicaly trained from playhouse west.
I'm also a composer and sound engineer for several gaming studios locally and internationally.


Video Game Characters
Youtube Promos
Commercial Promos
Medical explainers
App store demo's

Client list available on request.


Audio engineering and Music composition are also a part of my skillset.

Seperate demo's available Upon request.