Ashwin Mushran

Ashwin Mushran

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"Smooth, Classy and converstional"

I have a distinctive sound and adapt to the requirement of the job, whether it's conversational, corporate, product centric, Educational, Quirky - All areas of voicing which i am comfortable in. My accent is towards the neutral English side and can fit in across the world.


I trained as an Actor at The Drama Studio London. My voice over experience came through voicing directly in studios in Bombay. I started voicing in 2004 and have been regularly voicing since. Being a professionally trained actor is a huge asset to my voice work


Over the years I have voiced brands across the spectrum - BMW, Skoda, Nexa, Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, Emirates, Vodafone, Honda, Volkswagen, Jeep, Milo, Lipton, Tata Safari, Cadbury, Flying Machine,Nissan, Myntra, Google, Vodafone, Airtel, MRF tyres, Yamaha, GQ Awards, Miller Lite, Exide, Budweiser and many more. I have voiced books for Audible and Storytel. I am also the official Indian Voice for Actors like Michael Fassbender, Stanley Tucci, Adam Sandler


Dubbing - A special studio would be required for that though