Arvind Mehra

Arvind Mehra

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"Deep, powerful, soothing, hardsell, soft sell, narration,"

Within India’s extensive dubbing industry, Arvind Mehra is considered a
national treasure. With over thirty five years of experience and a robust
command over multiple languages he is one of the most prominent names in the
voice talent profession. His engaging yet commanding voice has been behind
many beloved television commercials, host voice-over in prestigious
documentaries, radio commercials, radio plays, on air promos of leading
television channels, IVR, lip sync dubbing of feature films & television shows,
film promos and trailers, audiobooks, e-learning and AVs. His education and
upbringing was in the North of India, which makes him a native speaker of
languages like Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and Awadhi, and having spent
many years in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, he also speaks English with an
Indian or Neutral accent. Along with being multi-lingual, he is also a very
versatile voice. Not only has he lent his voice to major personalities like David
Attenborough, Morgan Freeman & Bear Grylls, he can also play a wide range
of characters in genres like drama, action, comedy and even animation. As an
additional skill, he can also translate, trans-create or write the script if needed.


30 years experience on the job.


Host voices for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet.
Channel Voice ( On Air Promos) for Colors ( Viacom GE channel in Hindi)
Radio Commercials, Cbeebies, Various Feature Films and Animation series.


I am a audio producer. I have dubbed various Hollywood feature films, including award winning films like Good Will Hunting etc. Television serials like Creature Comforts, Clueless, Zigby, etc. I have my own 3 state of the art professional studios, equipped with Protools.