Angelica Medina

Angelica Medina

Membre depuis 5 années
"Natural teenage sound, slight rasp, mid-range, non-announcer"

My voice naturally sounds like that of a teenager, with a slight rasp. Can provide mid-level, resonating voice for narrations, audiobooks, and characters, and can also offer cartoon character voices for your animation or videogame! More "girl nextdoor" than the typical announcer/broadcasting sound!


Workshops, training and guidance from other successful VO professionals and industry professionals, and online courses.


Biggest client was a major theme park to provide VO for a new virtual reality rollercoaster. Healthcare IT company in NYC for their product videos for clients. VO for a major gaming company's cinematic producer, creating a YouTube cinematic story for a widely popular videogame. Videogame VOs for upcoming indie games on Steam. Other clients include radio stations, both in the US and Internationally (UK, Canada, Bahamas,), providing radio sweeps, DJ drops, and local commercials.


I have a background in medicine and science, which means I'm familiar with medical terminology and their proper pronunciations.