Alfonso Lugo

Alfonso Lugo

Membre depuis 4 années •
"Fresh natural neutral Spanish tone."

Alfonso Lugo is a Latin Pop artist, producer and voice over talent based in Los Angeles, California. Lugo has an award winning career in the advertising world as the voice of international brands such as Mercedes Benz, Uber, McDonald’s, DirecTV, United Airlines, Burger King, Cinemex and many more. Lugo produces original music for TV, film and radio commercials, in addition to producing and developing new talent in the Latin and American markets. Lugo has won international awards for production and voice over at El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Wave, El Círculo Creativo, a Bronze Lion at Cannes and has been nominated for five SOVAS Awards.


Being the owner of four recording studios, Alfonso collaborated with creative directors, producers, film directors and clients learning and perfecting his voice over career skills for more than twenty years. He also trained himself with recognised voice over coach Dave Walsh. After his success in the voice over world, he is now a voice over coach in and the Global Voice Acting Academy.


VO Talent for major brands including Banamex, Cloralex, Burger King, Mercedes Benz, Sección Amarilla, Torres X, Organo Gold. Other companies include El Garage (Televisa), Cruz Roja Mexicana, Rotoplás, Almacenes García, Comercial Mexicana, Pepsi Max, Embajada de Sudáfrica, COSTCO, Aeromar, Aeroméxico, Cinépolis, Honda, Cheyenne, 102.7 FM Televisa Guadalajara, 91.5 FM Morelia Stéreo, and others. Signed by the agencies Kim Dawson in Texas, WME in LA, De Santi de Chicago, GoVoices in Colorado, SunSpots and E-Spano in Florida. Singer dubbing the main Spanish character in the movie "The Last Five Years" by Netflix USA. Voice over work for AT&T, Directv, the voice of the State of California for fifth year, Sea World, PenFed, McDonalds, Uber, United Airlines, Corona, Nascar, Savage by Xcaret, TotalPlay, Glucerna, Renault Colombia, McDonalds Colombia, Davivienda, Alpura, Amway, Vende tu Auto, Uber Eats, Jack in the Box, Scotiabank Colombia, Goodyear, Choice Hotels.


Music production, sound engineering, mixing, mastering, singing, songwriting.