Alexander Notkin

Alexander Notkin

Membre depuis 8 années •
"Deep, believable, authoritative, sexy"

I am a professional multilingual actor and a Voice Over talent. I am able to perform VO in different styles and for all the possible purposes in the Russian, English and Hebrew languages. I posses a professional sound recording studio and I am able to work remotely.


4 years at St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (Russia)
1 year in The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute (USA, New York)
Speech teachers: Bruce Baumer, John Van Vyden, Alba Quezada


Over 12 years of experience.
The main announcer of channel 5 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
The official voice of St. Petersburg State Michaylovski Theatre
Official voice of Radio Monte-Carlo (St. Petersburg)
7 years of experience at Neva Film productions Voice Over and Dubbing Studios

The voice of the leading characters in the following feature films in their Russian Version:
AVATAR - Sam Worthington
Terminator 4, Salvation - Christian Bale
The Fifth Estate - Benedict Cumberbatch
Saving Mr. Banks -Colin Farrell


Deep authoritative voice, Accents, Dialects, Any type of Commercials, Audiobooks, Jingles, Singing, Dubbing and more.