Alberto Luis

Alberto Luis

Membre depuis 6 années
"A voice beyond words."

All voices are unique. The difference is that I've trained mine to be a professional and versatile VO Artist. That means that I can easily make it sound warm, fresh, youthful, friendly, but also corporate, professional, interesting, serious or even sexy. I'm a native Spanish speaker with neutral Latin America accent and slightly accented English.
Easily directable and available for remote sessions.


My career started in 2001, when I started working at one the most important FM radio stations in my country, Venezuela. I was still attending college back then. It was a life changing experience that naturally lead me to a life behind the mics . Since then, and right after graduating as a Bachelor of Arts In Communications, I've continuously trained my voice for different purposes.

So far, I've narrated documentaries and shows for The History Channel, A&E, Lifetime (Latin America region). Also worked as On-Air Announcer for H2 (History 2) Latin America and have recorded many Commercials, Tv and Radio Promos, Corporate, eLearning videos, etc.


H2 (History 2) - On Air Announcer
The History Channel
Texas Lottery
Independence Blue Cross
Denver Zoo
Disney Venezuela


I'm a full-time Voice Over talent. I'm always at my studio and offer fast turnaround time.