Akshita Rao

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"You can't stop hearing ME baby!!"

I am best known for a conversational and friendly Voice.. I am working for ADFCATOR PR's internal radio channel for almost a year now and am confident to say that my voice made their Jaws- Drop!!
I have done IVR's for Indian local and upcoming, aspiring brands in their respective fields. And also ventured into Informative e-learning modules for ACCENTURE Womens Equality Programs.
Some of my other latest projects include UNICEF recent initiative in Bangladesh through Voices.com.
My Journey:
I discovered the passion for voice overs when I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel and realised that I was attracted to the Voice Over more than what was happening on screen. And that's it!! That was all I needed to realise my dream career.
I bravely ventured into the Voice Over field without a clue as to how my voice actually sounds. And only after taking a few advanced Voice Over Lessons ( basics, exercises, Voice Styles and a lot more learning) from Mr. Nandu Bhende, did I realise that my voice, although one in many, has some Major Impact. And that I just need to give my Time and Dedication to it.
So here I 'am searching for Great Opportunities to work with some of the Best Clients in the industry and make a place for myself. ! :)

I have nearly 3 years of work experience in this field and am confident that I will reach your project requirements

Accents: Indian Accent/ Generic Accent

Voice Styles: IVR, Informative, Classy, Friendly, Attractive, Appealing, Emotional.


Mr. Nandu Bhende's 6 Month Advanced Voice Over Course


Calorie Smart - IVR
Dhobistation - IVR
Ezetap - Training Video
UNICEF - SDS Projects in Bangladesh
Adfactors PR Internal radio Station (Frequency Radio) - Host for the Channel and all it's shows i.e. 7 unique shows every week


No. All my final recordings are done in a Professional studio setup with editors available by the hour.