William Salyers

Miembro desde 2 años •
"From whacky characters, to super-villains, to regular guys."

I've got 15 years of VO experience and a lifetime of acting professionally. I've voiced Emmy-winning cartoons and AAA, blockbuster video games. I've voice-matched stars and dubbed entire performances in series and feature films., for companies such as Cartoon Network, Netflix, HBO and Amazon.


I have a BFA from the College of Santa Fe, but my VO training was on-the-job, honed by years of simply doing the work.


I'm best known for voicing Rigby in Cartoon Network's Emmy-award winning animated series, "Regular Show," and my motion-capture performance as Doctor Otto Octavius in Marvel's Spider-Man for PS 4. Other well-known credits include Mordin Solus in "Mass Effect 3," the Penguin in Warner Brothers' two "Return of the Caped Crusaders" animated features, and multiple voices in the games "Skyrim" and "Fallout 4."


I come from a technology background and am capable of engineering my own audio to deliver broadcast-ready files in multiple formats.