William Mahoney

Miembro desde 1 año •
"Give your project a Voice"

I am the voice of everyman. I won't come at you with the big, booming bass sound. Or, the high pitch one either.However, if you want the guy next door, then I am your guy. I also have the ability to give you the hard sell, or the off-the-cuff goofy guy. As I continue to move up the voice over world, I find that I am always looking for improvement. I am also looking to not only strengthen what I already do well, but to add to my repertoire, as well. My drive and customer service is what separates me apart. I understand this is a business for you and me, so I am always ready to go the extra mile to make your project sing.


After many years on television and radio -- I also dabbled in stage plays, I finally tried my hand at voice over. I trained at Edge studio with Rachel Fulginiti and Carol Monda. I worked with Rachel for quite awhile before she finally said, "Get out there and start working!" I am a work in progress perfectionist, so I always think things could be better.

In a previous life, I voiced and produced commercials for radio stations in Texas and the US Virgin Islands.


Biggest achievement! I guess this'll sound crazy, but my biggest achievement is the project I am working on at the moment. By that I mean, if I am doing work for you, that is my effort, and all my thoughts are. Every project I take on, I always look at that as being the one that has to dominate. I've accomplished a lot in life, with just that attitude. However, to be specific, I have voiced ads for furniture companies, video games and bitcoin among others. I have also used my voice for restaurants, bars, and auto repair shops.


I can post produce. But, it depends on your needs.