Bruce Dement

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"Smart , Friendly, Trustworthy"
Bruce Dement

Bruce Dement is a premier Houston based voice talent offering a voice that is smart and resonant with a clear friendly tone. He possesses a natural acting ability and good pitch variation. Good for guy-next-door, approachable ads that are easily relatable to the listener. His voice is unique with just the right amount of Southern feel when needed. He speaks in an easy to understand way, with knowledge and expertise that is perfect for any narration project. Bruce has a rich, diverse background that gives him insight and experience into a wide range of industries and professional genres; such law enforcement, private investigation, real estate, computer operations, travel, securities and emergency medicine.
Bruce is well read and traveled. He is a fan of film, theater, animation, anime, art, literature and the great outdoors. He is a fearless catalyst for adventure and change. His successful life experience brings a trustworthy, genuine authenticity to the projects he touches.


Such A Voice , Coached by Peter Drew, produced by Bill Brooks




in home studio with Audacity, Voice only