Tessa Petersen

Tessa Petersen

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Classic British voice...articulate, warm and sophisticated!"

As an Oxford educated native of Great Britain, I am thoroughly familiar with every area of voiceover production, including corporate narration, dramatic narration, E-learning, fiction and non-fiction audio books, radio and TV commercials, telephone messaging and more. My voice is often described as sophisticated, upscale, dignified, professional, confident, and formal. It can also be warm and soothing, classic BBC announcer voice, lush, and refined.


I am a trained voice over professional having received extensive one on one lessons from Chuck McKibben, former personal audio producer to Mel Blanc.


With over 5 years of experience, I have an established client base in India, China, Europe and North America, as well as having multiple audiobook titles on Audible and iTunes. I have completed projects for the following companies and organizations: United Nations, Gatwick Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport Systems, NHS England, Johnson & Johnson, GSK, UNESCO, Loreal, Maersk, Luxottica.
I spend my days in my professional home studio and I love what I do!


I have a good singing voice which can be offered if needed.