Terry Baddoo

Terry Baddoo

Miembro desde 6 años
"Authoritative or conversational, mine is a voice of versatility."

My baritone British accent is ideal for sincere, authoritative, trustworthy reads. I have a proven track record in voicing documentaries, and my years as a television anchor means I can comfortably provide the "announcer" read if that style of delivery is required. However, my training in voice and acting enables me to bring conversational, dramatic, and comedic copy to life. My natural voice would be described as having a neutral English accent, but I can also offer authentic reads in a number of regional British accents.


I began my voice training at the BBC in London, where I trained as a radio host on BBC Radio London, and subsequently as an anchor/reporter for BBC TV News. After more than two decades on camera, in the UK, the USA, and Asia, I left hosting to focus on writing and narration. I have trained in voice over at Edge Studios in New York, Creative Studios in Atlanta, Emory University, and the Atlanta Voiceover Studio. In addition to performance training, I have my own home studio and have acquired audio editing skills in Adobe Audition.


For more than two decades, my voice was heard all over the globe as a high profile anchor and reporter at the BBC, CNN, and CGTN (formerly China Central Television). During the course of my media career, I voiced a broad spectrum of news and sports reports, and numerous documentaries. Since turning my focus on voice acting, I have been the voice behind a number of commercial projects, explainer videos, and a handful of documentaries. My understanding of copy interpretation is boosted by the fact that I am also a script writer/copywriter. Since stepping behind the camera, I have scripted a dozen documentaries for the Weather Channel and provided the copy for several corporate presentations. As a voice actor, versatility is my main strength, along with a commitment to providing customer satisfaction in a timely manner, born out of years of working to tight newsroom deadlines.


I am a professional script writer and copywriter with a vast number of credits.