Taylor Love

Taylor Love

Miembro desde 1 año
"Your go to for the young millennial voice!"

Hiya! I’m Taylor and I’ve been a professional actor for over 15 years. My voice ranges from the young and fabulous millennial, to the sassy young adult raving about her favourite product, to the British heroine on a journey through a video game. I have an acoustically treated home booth that can deliver top notch quality as it has numerous times before, but also for your convenience I have access to a professional studio in my city. I can get a short script back to you in 1-2h during the week and within 24h on the weekend (depending on the job). I am extremely confident in my self-direction skills, but can also participate in a live directed session via SourceConnect etc. I am consistently participating in voice acting training and industry workshops to keep my skill level at its highest.

I can't wait to work with you on your project!


I've been an on-camera actor for 15 years, so a lot of my VO skills have translated from there. However, I am always pursuing workshops from the best in the business. I've been lucky enough to train under:

- Ellen Dubin
- Marilla Wex
- Bryn McAuley
- D'Arcy Smith
- Kim Hurdon
- Ivan Sherry


I've lent my voice to various companies, including but not limited to:

- Native
- Microsoft
- Skull Candy
- University of Waterloo
- Goldman Sachs
- DePaul University
- Verato Universal


I'm very well versed in Adobe Audition and I go above and beyond in my post-production edits.