Sylvia Longmire

Sylvia Longmire

Miembro desde 2 años •
"A Confident, Friendly, Energetic, and Authentic Voice"

Listening to Sylvia’s voice makes you want to join her for a cup of coffee, or adopt you as a second mom. Her fun and friendly vocal tone is genuine, and feels instantly approachable. She has traveled all over the world solo in a wheelchair, and her years of experience narrating exciting and inspiring travel videos shines through.

Sylvia also has a serious side, having worked as a subject matter expert on Mexico’s drug war and border security for 14 years. She has appeared twice in documentaries on The History Channel, and on dozens of cable news shows. Sylvia knows when and how to strike a more formal or narrative tone when called for in a project.

Despite having no accent while speaking English, Sylvia is a fluent Spanish speaker, born to Cuban immigrants. She’ll work hard to make her Spanish voiceovers as accent-neutral as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to hide the Cubanita inside!

Sylvia currently specializes in commercial, corporate, documentary, travel/tourism, and Spanish voiceover projects.


Real World Voiceover w/Daniel Wachs (ClassAct Studios)
REEL Auditions (ClassAct Studios)
Email Marketing for Voiceover (Lisa Biggs)
The Business of Acting (ClassAct Studios)


US Consumer Product Safety Commission
Gemstone Studios
Virginia Commonwealth University
Visit Northwest BC
BioLogic Science Instruments
Udemy (eLearning app)
State of Nevada Adult Protective Services (PSA)
Renaissance Learning (eLearning)
Red River Mutual (corporate recruiting)
The Financial Diet (YouTube Video)
Mara Zapata for School Board (campaign)
Hurley Law Group (IVR)


Singing (tenor)
Cuban accent (in Spanish)