Susie New

Susie New

Miembro desde 4 años •
"Rich like chocolate so I’m told!"

I have a strong sound that would be most suited to more formal voiceovers eg corporate, on hold, narration but I think I have the flexibility to be useful in a wider range of projects. My background is radio news reading, continuity announcing and voiceover. I’d say my voice is trusted and reassuring. I have quite a neutral accent (originally from the East Midlands) but it leans closer to RP. I’ve done some acting which I find really helps.


I trained as a newsreader in Sheffield 25 years ago and subsequently as a continuity announcer at the BBC. I went on to work in television transmission where my training was very much ‘on the job’.


Introducing programmes on BBC networks was a dream I fulfilled when I first moved to London in 1998. Before that, I presented news bulletins for three years in local radio. Before I got my first job in presenting, I had a hospital radio show, presented a community bulletin on BBC local radio and co-presented a weekend show for the same station.
I currently volunteer in news at a community radio station in London.


I can sing soprano/alto.