Susana Ballesteros

Susana Ballesteros

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"Spanish VoiceOver - Castilian & Latin American - Experienced"

Susana Ballesteros is one of the top Spanish voices in the US. She is, also one of the few talents that can perfectly perform both Spanish accents:

-Castilian Spanish (Spanish from Spain or Espanol de España) or

-Latin American Neutral SPANISH (español latinoamericano acento neutro),

Susana Ballesteros delivers a sophisticated, elegant and trustworthy sound. Her excellent ear and trained vocal skills - she is also a classical violinist and singer - make her a versatile talent with a wide range of rich sonorities, tones and pitches.

With over 10 years of experience in the voice over industry, Susana Ballesteros is highly demanded for narration and e-learning projects that require a professional, warm and experienced tone. Her experience dubbing for TV series and movies gives her the ability to promptly adapt to the client's needs.

English is her second language, and works well in e-learning applications where a Mexican or Spanish accent is required.

Susana Ballesteros owns a state of the art studio in Los Angeles providing professional audio recording, audio and video editing and mixing.


Susana Ballesteros es una de las locutoras en español más demandadas en Estados Unidos. Es además una de las pocas locutoras que trabajan diariamente en español de España y español Latino Americano Neutro.
Una voz convincente, elegante, segura, joven y versatil.

Desde hace más de 5 años, reside en Los Angeles, California, donde dispone de su propio estudio de grabación profesional.

Participa regularmente en doblaje de películas y series de televisión.


- Character Pros Animation Voice Over Workshop with: Kat Cressida and Disney casting directors Ben Hoppe and Ned Lott

- Singing Coach: Peisha McPhee. International Vocal Studio

- American English accent coach: Eliza Jane Shneider

- Animation VO Classes with Brian Cummings

- Latin American Neutral Accent coach: Carlos Jiménez

- Radio Theatre: Federico Volpini

- Professional Degree in Violin. Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Ferraz. Madrid. Also private classes with international acclaimed soloist Ara Malikian

- Master Degree in Radio. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

- Master Degree in Economic Journalism. Universidad de Zaragoza

- Journalism Degree. Universidad Europea de Madrid

- Singing classes with opera singer and music director Carlos Delgado

- Numerous violin courses and workshops. Member of the Chamartin Symphony Orchestra (2001-2005) and Philharmonic Toledo Orchestra

- Current member of Angeles Chorale, based in LA, CA.


Clients include:
Master Card, Walgreens, Sketchers, ABC, NBC, Univision, Vogue, Glamour, Yahoo!, Valero, Papa Johns, Miller Lite, Kraft Nabisco Championship, Igugu, Radio Nacional de España, Starmedia, Entravision, Loren Ridinger, Braille Institute, Dow Chemical, Shape Ups, Resistance runner, Shake Weight, Mettler Toledo, Twisted Hero, to name a few...

Excellent work! Fast response, great narrative performance, high quality recording. Highly recommended.
Dedric Terry

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ballesteros and I must say that the voice over that she performed for my company was exactly what we were looking for from her. She handled the recordings in a professional manner and the quality of her voice was excellent both in tone and emotion. The recording were completed on time and the audio files were delivered to me without any problems. She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with Susana in the future. I would highly recommend Susana Ballesteros to any company needing quality voice over recordings."
Mario Agustine

"I have hired Susana Ballesteros's Spanish Voice Over services multiple times and will hire her great talent multiple times in the future. Our company has just awarded her a large project ongoing over a year. She is very conscientious and accurate in her work and always delivers on time in the right format. She has a pleasant and melodious voice clients love to listen to. If you want a finished product that is strong and consistent in tone and quality you can't go wrong by hiring Susana."
Sabrina Sterling

"Susana is a truly "artistically talented actor and voice over professional". She is prompt, takes directions and delivers on time, the first time! It is an honor to work with her."
Kurt Kelly

Susana's exceptional voice, as well as prompt and precise service, truly make her a pleasure to work with. Would not hesitate to recommend her.
Gabriel Roura

Very fast turn around. Excellent quality. Great communication. A real pleasure to work with. Would definitely hire Susana on future projects.
Posted by:
Mike Reining

Excellent job!
Maria Medrano

Excellent service and fast delivery A+
Eric Gagne

Perfect read! Susana delivered exactly what we were looking for quickly. She was so easy to work with and communicated well through each step of the process. Highly recommended voice talent.
Matt Ganzak


Susana Ballesteros is the owner of SucoVoices Studio in Los Angeles.
Her elegant, confident and sophisticated voice, placed her at the top of the voice over industry.

SucoVoices Studio counts with excellent native talents in several different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, English, Mandarin, Dutch, German, Portuguese, etc. to voice any project.

Over the years, SucoVoices has selected only the best voice over talents, to provide a high quality voice recording, fast turnaround, and prompt customer service.

Whether you need a deep voice for narrations, or a high pitch character voice, you will find the perfect talent for you. If we don't have what you need, we will casting the voices and present you with the best options in the market.

We have recording studios in Los Angeles, Madrid and Buenos Aires.

- TV and Radio Commercials
- Documentaries
- Training videos, e-learnings...
- IVR Prompts / Phone Prompts /
- Video Games...
- GPS devices
- Toys
- Dubbing services
- Studio singers for movies, cartoons, background vocals.

And voice casting and translation.