Steve McGrath

Miembro desde 2 años
"From Fun to Intense, and Everything In-between!"

I bring a versatility to any project, with easy access to accents and character voices! The aforementioned versatility will provide a variety of options to choose from! My sense of timing, both for dramatic and humorous purposes is an asset. I can bring a humorous quality or a dramatic gravitas to a project. There is an "everyman" quality to my voice, as well.

I like to think that I'm easy to work with and am quite good at taking direction. It doesn't take long to get from first read to final tweaks on a project.


I have over 25 years of experience using his fresh and energetic voice in goofy, dramatic, humorous and otherwise amazing ways. I've received formal voiceover training from Terry Daniels and his team at Universal Voice Talent


I've done several e-learning narrations for internal and external training produced by J.J. Keller & Associates, the leader in Regulatory Compliance assistance.

I've worked with The Bridge Recording Studio in Green Bay, WI and for a time was the voice of Bellin College of Nursing


I have developed skills in editing through many years of doing a highly produced podcast, including parody spots and comedy bits that are inserted into the show. I look at audio editing as just putting together a puzzle.