Steve Krupnik

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"Deep confident male voice with excellent range"
Steve Krupnik

Steve’s voice qualities include deep, confident, authoritative, gravely, professional, informative, powerful, conversational and seductive. As a trained voice actor Steve has excellent range for character variety and he has performed in many varied voiceover genres.


Steve works with coaches in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. He trains out of the UK with Gravy For The Brain. He is also active in comedy improv which tends to lend to voice work.


Steve has had many years of part-time experience in commercial work both on and off camera, yet he feels his greatest accomplishment so far is making the decision to sell his businesses to concentrate on offering his voice talents on a full time basis. Whew, pass the coffee!


Steve has also done live announcing and Master of Ceremonies work for decades. No extra charge for the tuxedo.