Steve James

Miembro desde 6 años •
"Unique and believable, but somehow familiar."

I am a self- contained audio production studio and voice over talent.
I have everything needed to deliver industry standard audio quality AND ABOVE every time ALL THE TIME to ANYWHERE in the world.
My extensive recording engineering education paired with my voice acting ability is the key to turning over projects FAST AND EASY. Nobody between me and my prospective clients.
Anything needed for your project that has to do with professional audio or voiceovers I can provide.
Feel free to contact me with any questions at all.


Growing up many people told me the old, "you have a radio guy voice", but I wanted to work in the recording studio as an engineer. I studied audio for a long time.
During that time technology has allowed anyone with a few hundred dollars access to quality recording gear. This hurt the recording industry very badly, while simultaneously hurting my chances of making a living in a recording studio.
So I built a professional recording studio with acoustic treatment to nurture my 'Radio guy' voice and support my beautiful family.
I'm very lucky to be here and thanks for your consideration.


Audio Engineering
Voice Acting
Jingle Writing


I can offer post- production audio work. Also corporate jingles, radio station imaging, and background music.