Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd

Miembro desde 7 años
"Versatile Chicago guy......"

I can provide a warm, smooth sound to a project as well as being energetic. I have provide a serious tone for documentaries. A youthful and energetic sound is something I can also use. I take direction well, and have an Improv background.


I was an on-air announcer (DJ) for several radio stations in Chicago. I've did V/O on the side as well. I worked on-air at:
WGCI radio
WVON talk radio
WVAZ radio

I've studied Improv comedy at Chicago's Second City, Playground theatre and Improv Olympics.


Besides the radio stations I've worked for as talent, I've worked for Phoenix talent in Chicago and I'm registered wih Lillie's talent.


My improv skills can help with anything that a client might need spontaneously. I'm also able to play some various characters:

Old time radio announcer
Hard selling 70-s-80's DJ
Young adult male
Middle aged male
News anchor
AA urban character
Video game characters