Stephane Cornicard

Stephane Cornicard

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Deep, rich and smooth : The Voice Like Chocolate."

I tend to judge my worth by the value of my work.
I go above and beyond to deliver.
I bring a sharp intelligence and a depth of empathy to my work.
I love what I do.


Studied Acting, BA, MA in Drama process of production.
Constantly taking classes, seminars and going to conferences to improve.
I have been teaching Vo skills, Character development and Lip Synch Dubbing for over 10 years.

My motto is : Only dead people cannot learn any more.


I am a permanent voice for The Vatican, The World Health Organisation, The United Nations, Le Louvres, Hollirood House, The Metropolitan, The Tate, the Rijks Museum.

Approved for MTV, ITV, Reuters, BBC, CNN. Continuity voice for Cartoon Network and TCM. Live Announcer at the London 2012 Olympics.

Video games : I have voiced for Video Games since they learned to speak, and my favourite titles to voice were Dark Souls, Metal Gear, Syphon Filter, Medievil, Most recently i worked on A Plague Tale: Innocence as Vitalis, Control, as Dylan Faden, Absolver, Horizon Zero Dawn and Total War Warhammer.

Advertising : Boursin, Ariel, Buitoni, Stella Artois, Amazon to name a few.

But in this job, we are only as good as our next job. Yours ?


I have a special affinity with poetry (I write) and I am an expert in Lip Synch dubbing (on average 4 films a week)
I have my own studio and although I am not an engineer, I know my way around a console.
I sing, but am not a singer. I am an actor who sings.