Spencer Krull

Spencer Krull

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"The Smart, Caring, Sarcastic, Trustworthy Guy Next Door"

I make my clients' lives easier by being a creative partner who delivers a voice track that sounds great, which makes you look great.

If you're looking for a voice that's authoritative, conversational, sympathetic, empathetic or an combination of the above, I will bring the project home on a silver platter.*

Whether it's a corporate narration, a comic spot with a twist, a medical device explainer, an industrial promo video, or a gag awards reel for a sales conference my voice will make that project shine.

As a former copywriter and spot producer I get how important the words are and I know there are a lot of people to please -- basically, anyone who has the power to say "Yes."
(And people say "yes" to my projects.)

*PLEASE NOTE: The silver platter is just a metaphor -- I deliver my files digitally.


Kalmenson and Calmness
The VO Dojo/Tish Hicks
GVAA/David Rosenthal
Faith Rumer

I continue to coach with different people and am a member of several professional workout groups.


Commercial clients include:
- Strategic Media (local, small market, insurance client 'Health IQ')
- Parkview Productions (Chicago, current voice of 'Window Works', home improvement company)
- PSAs for grassroots organizations (including 'Cascade Water Works', 'California Victims Compensation Fund')

Narration Clients Include:
- Hatch Studios (sales and marketing reels clients 'iCBD' and 'Nordock Storage Lip Levelers')
- Guerra Productions ( client 'FIoE' international medical device sales and tech explainer video)
- Vistage MVP (executive sales training videos)


I can sing.
I can also sound like a trumpet (ask me to play some Miles Davis when we work together).
Truthfully, I'm just a lot of fun to work with.