Spencer Jones

Miembro desde 6 meses •
"Versatile voice over actress with dulcet delivery"

I'd say I have a naturally pleasant speaking voice, which I am able to adjust according to the script at hand. If, for example, when doing a documentary on marine life for pre-teens, a more enthusiastic delivery would be appropriate. When reading erotica, whether it's something I've written or somebody else, a more modulated and reserved delivery would work. I also can do two other accents- Jamaican Patois and a "smoke scorched" Brooklyn accent (think middle- aged Barbara Stanwyck).


I studied voice over at Edge Studios first in 2012 and again in 2020, and decided to focus on narration. Eventually, I'd like to pursue animation and audiobooks.


Aside from my recently finalized demo, I have no voice over specific credits to my name at this time. However, I'm happy to send audio samples showcasing my versatility on request.


I have a particular penchant for story-telling, especially if it's erotic. I'm published in that genre, and have written about sexuality for The Huffington Post and The Advocate, so it's a subject I'm very comfortable with. I also speak Spanish proficiently (I intend to do a demo in that language in the near future), some basic French and I do two accents, Jamaican Patois and Brooklyn.