Siobhan McGovern

Siobhan McGovern

Miembro desde 5 años
"Friendly, smooth, rich and velvety tones"

Siobhan McGovern is a professional singer, violinist and experienced voiceover artist. She has hosted a radio show, recorded numerous advertisements, narrations and walking tour audio guides.


Siobhan has been training professionally as a vocalist from the age of 15 years old. She was granted her Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies in 2005. Siobhan began working in voiceover during her college years, recording walking tour audio guides as a part-time job. Siobhan gained most of her voiceover experience while hosting a radio show in Phuket, Thailand and recording numerous ads for the radio station with guidance from the staff.


-hosting a radio show in Phuket, Thailand
-voiceovers for Live 89.5 Phuket
-business owner and director of a music school
-over 100 live performances for festivals, weddings, events, and 5-star hotels


My special skills include singing and playing violin. I also have basic piano skills and can compose original background music if required.