Siobhan Gross

Siobhan Gross

Miembro desde 5 años •
"Funny, bubbly and real All-American girl, with a British Twist!"

I recently had the opportunity to try voiceover, and I LOVE IT! It's become my favorite thing to do, and I have already completed VO training in both Seattle and LA, as well as ongoing vocal coaching. It's just so much FUN - I can't wait to have my voice make your project stand out :)


August 2018 - Voiceover Coaching with Mary Lynn Wissner (Voices Voicecasting, Los Angeles)
2018 - present: Voiceover training with Shana Pennington-Baird (Seattle Voice Academy)
2018 - present: Vocal training with Lisa Grace (LGMusic, WA)
2017 - present: Acting training/workshops - commercial/TV/Film/Improv (Seattle Talent)


I have many years experience with local theatre (shows and workshops), school theatre and various choirs, and regional/state solo and choral competitions.
I currently have a Theatrical/Commercial agent in LA, and I am used to regular auditions, submitting on schedule and traveling for projects, when needed.


I can do BBC British, French, Russian and US Texan/Southern accents. I am currently working on my e-learning/instructional and video game VO skills.