Simon Rose

Simon Rose

Miembro desde 5 años
"Nationally trusted: deep, rich and refined."

I've had over three decades of using my voice to make a living, broadcasting in various guises for BBC Radio and others.

Because so much of my work has been in the field of finance and business, I can give particular credence to corporate voiceovers.

Nominated in the inaugural One Voice Awards, 2018.


Six years at BBC Radio doing financial news, with in-house training at the outset. Over 25 more years of regular broadcasting on various outlets throughout the BBC and other stations.


Working for over three years as presenter on Share Radio, the UK's only business and finance radio station.

Originated the business news segment on the BBC's flagship Today Programme.

Recently voiced the animated explainer campaign, Steps to Investing, for Janus Henderson Investors (, a start-up's fund-raising video and a third of an audiobook about the world's greatest investors.


Can play the spoons and bark like a terrier, but not sure ever likely to find a client who requires that!