Silvio Prisco

Silvio Prisco

Miembro desde 3 años
"Native Italian Voiceover Talent • Warm, Dynamic, Institutional"

Italian native speaker, 36 years of experience, my voice is very widespread in my country and is present in many Radio and Television Commercials, Trailers, Corporate Presentation, etc.
A versatile, deep and youthful voice.
My characteristic is that I can easily change the tone: young and impactful to a soft and confidential adult.
The tests and auditions never end, I have a long way behind me and still much more ahead to go, I am available for evaluation tests.


As a child, the first program on a free radio, in a group of small actors who played the characters of fairy tales. As a boy as a host of regional radio programs. Subsequently, the real professional training begins by lending the voice for commercials and stations, which I still do today, after 36 years, for national and regional documentaries, promos and radio and television commercials.


I have been the official voice for networks like Radio Marte, Radio Punto Nuovo.

Channel's voice of Canale 9, TeleRadio PadrePio.