Sian Polhill-Thomas

Miembro desde 3 años •
"Experienced VO. Warm, Earthy, and Engaging."

Sian has 15 years experience mainly in Live Continuity Announcing, Adverts, Audio Books and Narration. With a playing age of 20-50

I am a talented, and versatile (trained) actress. A native from the North West, but have a great ear for Yorkshire & other accents too. From seductive and understated, bubbly and ebullient my Husky tones can also be sexy and engaging.

Available daily from her home studio.

Raised on the Wirral based in South East London, Sian is often booked for her regional accent.


I obtained a degree in Acting in 2004. I cut my teeth by starting in Narration for Kerry Katona's reality TV Show on ITV2.

I then went on to script and announce for UKTV working on the HOME, GOLD and REALLY Channel.

This lead to lots of commercial work for Sky, Discovery, ITV, Radio, & History Channel's to name a few.

I now work as a Live Continuity Announcer for BBC One and Two. I write, edit and product my own script and announce live over a 10 hour shift.


My biggest achievement is my BBC job. I love working for the BBC and I love the creative challenge of writing my own script and the adrenaline of the live element.

Another great achievement for me what when I was personally selection to voice Denise Bulger's audio book 'I Let Him Go'. it was a story close to my heart and an emotional vocal challenge but one i'm very happy I was apart of.


I am skilled in accents. I can sing. Mimic. Present.

I obtained a masters degree in creative writing.