Scott Overton

Scott Overton

Miembro desde 3 años •
"A warm, slightly raspy baritone, crisp diction but genuine."

As a career morning radio host, I spent more than thirty years entertaining and informing an audience of groggy listeners as they began their day, so I can explain any topic with authority yet a "guy-next-door" kind of delivery, and relate stories as an experienced storyteller.
With today's trend toward natural-sounding voice-overs, this genuine, friendly, everyman sound works perfectly with almost every kind of commercial message. But I really excel at heartfelt, sincere, emotional messages.
The natural huskiness of my voice lends itself really well to senior characters and working-class types, but can fit any kind of profession too.
I'm versatile with a number of accents and character voices, and I'm always up for a challenge!


I was a career radio broadcaster for more than thirty years, most of that time spent as a morning show host. Before that I had trained as an actor at the University of Toronto, Canada, and completed a broadcasting course in Toronto as well. But nothing beats experience, and lots of it!


I was a radio broadcaster for Rogers Radio and Newcap Radio in Canada, recording every type of commercial voice-over for both radio and television. I also recorded in-house video tracks for INCO.
In recent years my largest project was recording more than a hundred audiobook "snapshots" (teaser-type 15-minute book summaries) for Scribd.


Although not trained as a singer, I have done the man-with-a-guitar-in-a-bar kind of gig.
If a job requires singing, I'm willing and able to take a good shot.