Scott Farrell

Scott Farrell

Miembro desde 1 década
"Warm, friendly, direct, versatile."

Having travelled a lot I have the capacity to pick up accents and have acquired many, such as Liverpool (native accent) London, Yorkshire, Nottingham, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, American, Australian, South African etc.
My voice is warm, friendly, direct, dynamic and versatile.


I trained as an actor for three years at The Drama Centre, London with Yat Malmgren, Christopher Fettes.
From there I worked in theatre, including a London, West End production of 'Blood Brothers' and then into BBC radio 4 drama for two years.


Commercial, Infomercial, E-learning:
Hitman Contracts, Panasonic, Adidas, V6 Chewing gum, Musicure, Motorola, Shokata/Bamboocha, Coca-Cola, Tempur, Fiat 'Qubo', TUI Travel, Reckit Benckiser, Lego, Ericsson, Toyota, Gevalia Coffee, Gatorade, Paul Versan, Bet24-Viasat channel,The Discovery Channel- 'Under Investigation', McVities Bicuits, GOSH cosmetics, Michael Learns To Rock-presentation video, AQUA-'Bumble Bees', Jampack-'LoveDotCom', English version of H.C. Andersen's stories on DVD, Politiken, Jolly Cola, IBM, Western Union, Bang and Olufsen, TDC Voice Support, Novozymes, Velux, Victoza, World Diabetes Day 'freeze film', Sclerosis campaign, PUMA, Danfoss, Kompan Playgrounds, IKEA, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Øresund train announcements,Vestas, Post-it campaign, Totempo, Alfa Laval, Inmobia and a lot more.

Channel 4, England: 'One Day in Zimbabwe', 'Return of A Refugee'.
'The Yaddo Diaries', ' History of Lego', 'Hamlet'-Nobel Foundation of Niels Bohr.
Award winner in-house videos, Chicago, for LEGO 'Accepting The Challenge' Hamlet/Actor.