Rob White

Miembro desde 1 año
"Velvety rich with an earnest warmth that persuades."

Every voice actor should have a range. I certainly do. But what I’m truly great at is bringing the earnest warmth that is wrapped in empathy or a purpose or passion. I excel at making brand messaging feel powerful and important and something to act on.


As an advertising Creative Director/Writer for over 20 years, I write and read copy for clients every day. I know exactly how scripts are supposed to sound and my reads are often recorded for everything from TV, radio and online videos, to sales and case study videos and award show entries.

I have received improvisational acting training from the world famous Second City theater in Chicago. When clients desire alternate lines and reads that are off-script, I’m more than capable of providing it.


I have voiced work for clients big and small on everything from animatics and internal videos to full up commercials. Some of those bigger brands include Aleve, Disney Parks, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coors Light, Newtons, Hershey’s, Kraft.

For a few years, I had the privilege to be the voice of Aleve pain reliever on national TV in the U.S. You can view many of these commercials at the link below.


I am a seasoned advertising creative director and writer. So not only can I read copy to perfection, I can write it as well if needed.