Rick Larimore

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"Directable, fluid, experienced voice creative"

30 years as a voice recorder (sound engineer for film and tv) and directing talent has placed me in a completely different category of talent. I often know just the right tone to hit without my clients having to struggle.
Directors love that I am capable of responding with love and respect for the process of creativity


I have been taught individually by the thundreds of actors I have recorded and directed. Of late I am training on an ongoing basis by Tony Oliver at Adventures in Voice Acting (Connected with Bang Zoom Entertainment where I worked for many years). Also training with Greg Sims for acting technique; Working with John Ennis to develop my comedy (who knew comedy was so much work!).


I performed as an actor for over 20 roles while creating English localization of as many Chinese movies for the American Market. This work was performed for Lions Gate entertainment. There were a group of actors that I gathered and we performed the 15 to 20 roles needed for each film. It was a grind and beautiful challenging work that included ADR, acting, VO and multiple roles each day.
Lately I completed a theatrical radio show for this Halloween: War Of The Worlds as the Orson Wells character. I also did a historical piece for a native Hawaiian historical community in Honolulu "Our Kaka'ako" that is in post production now. I just finished an audio book as a voice talent "Is It God or Coincidence" for Rob Enko available on Amazon.


As a long time post production sound engineer I can record, edit, clean up and mix nearly any project (working on films and audio books now). Importantly I can deliver to any market world wide as long as I have the specs.