Richard Bowen

Miembro desde 4 años
"Hire the voice that's right on target!"

I have a mid-range voice that's warm, diverse, and engaging, making me well-suited for commercial projects requiring down-to-earth and empathetic reads, as well as those requiring energy and enthusiasm. I am also articulate and well-read, allowing me to tackle technical and industrial reads with minimal preparation.

I have a passion for character work and love to contribute to narrative projects. My mid-range voice is suitable for young adults and middle-aged male roles, but I can also branch into younger and older characters as needed. While coaches and colleagues have said I best play science geeks and sophisticated villains, the most important thing is that a character resonates with me, so as long as I can connect with the role, I can perform it.

Most of all, I have been lauded for my ability to take direction well and deliver an excellent read within a few takes, saving clients time and hassle in the studio.


I have received hands-on commercial and narration training from Terry Daniel through Universal Voice Talent, and character acting training through Griffin Puatu. I have also attended multiple voiceover workshops, including the Adventures In Voice Acting workshops through Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Voice Over Bootcamp with Rachael Messer, Real-World Voiceover with Dan Wachs, and voiceover improv through I Love that ImproVO with Rebecca Haugh.


I am relatively new to the industry, so the list of my voice-over credits is somewhat limited at the moment. That said, I have secured roles in several independent and regional commercial projects. I have lent my voice to independent animations on and YouTube, as well as voiced characters in the ongoing game mod project "Skywind," which brings the world of "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" to a new generation through the Skyrim engine. My proudest achievement thus far is my voice-over work for the independent video game projects "Blacksea Odyssey" and "Emmerholt."


In founding and coordinating a voice-over student group at University of Central Florida, I have developed skills in audio editing and post-production by editing members' recordings for personal use and for a radio drama project.
Through informal practice using a Tenor II / Baritone voice, I also have some skill in singing.