Raksha Shetty

Raksha Shetty

Miembro desde 4 años
"Professional voice artist with a neutral/global accent"

Professional voice artist and singer with a neutral/global accent since more than a decade. I have a fully functional home studio. I can also do Indian accent. Can speak in multiple Indian languages.
I'm a professional singer therefore i can also sing for jingles. Being trained in music, I have tremendous control over the volume, level, breath and clarity of my voice which is very helpful for voice overs. I follow directions very well. Always known to save studio time.


starting from most recent;
-Completed a full course of private training sessions from the studio director of Edge Studio in Manhattan NYC, as well as their foreign accent coach to get trained in current trends and best practices of the voice over industry.
-I am trained professionally in a voice school called 'Sugar Mediaz' in Mumbai under the guidance of a very renowned voice artist Darrpan Mehta.
-I am a trained Hindustani classical singer and have a Bachelor's degree in Music. I have performed for many live shows and recording projects in Mumbai, USA and Singapore.


I have lent my voice for radio spots and TV advertisements in Hindi and English in India. I have dubbed for many Disney series and movies in Hindi. I have lent my voice for IVRs for all major service providing companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance etc in languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Kannada and Gujrathi. I have also lent my voice for e learning projects in English. Currently doing a few VO projects for the various clients on online P2P platforms.