Rachel Murphy

Rachel Murphy

Miembro desde 7 años
"I'm your quirky, midwestern best friend that lives next door!"

Quirky, fun, friendly, conversational, animated, best friend, midwestern, poetic, girl next door, sassy, commercial, casual, etc.


Rachel's professional Voice Acting training includes various techniques and development that she has learned from Sarah Jones-Larson, David Larson, Terry Daniel, Gary Groomes, Jim Schnobrich and John Wehrman.
Vocal Training by Cheryl Moore Brinkley (continuing).
Acting training by Bill Cooper.
Audio editing training sessions with George Whittam.
Associates in Radiological Technology Applied Sciences (I can read medical terminology).


I have done a cartoon pilot "The Adventures of Bag-boy" as the main character- an 8 year old boy with a grossly overactive imagination that wears a paper bag over his head to fight crime! (clip on my website pollywannavoiceover.com). Paid work has mostly been audio books thus far. Keeping Karen Alive is now available on Audible. More in the process of getting on there, such as Cosmic Girl volume 1, which I am super excited about (get it? Super? Super hero book? lol). I've been told I take direction very well, and that I have a talent for finding different ways of saying the same thing over and over and over.... I will be updating my demos soon, so check in every now and again to see what I am up to!


Able to self direct, edit and master files, phone patch capability, quick reliable service!