Pierre Schnehage

Pierre Schnehage

Miembro desde 5 años
"I specialise in hard & softsell ads and love voicing a/v's."

I trained in radio at the South African Broadcasting Corporation in the mid '80's.
After a package in 1995 I set off on my own production company and made much more money.
This continued until I moved to Cape Town and set myself up in simpler fashion. Working from home in my studio is ideal.
The age of online voicing just opened up so many more possibilities.


Employed by the SABC (Sound Engineer) from 1984 to 1995 I had the opportunity to watch the on-air talent on a daily basis for a long time.
While running the In-House Recording Facilities for the Radio Advertising Department of the SABC I directed many of SA's top voice artists... which inspired and got me thinking.
After about two or three years I decided to give it a go and see if I could add my voice to my skillset. This was back in '88.
It was a great kick to hear my first ad on air. Today, listening to that same ad... well, we all start somewhere! ;-)


In South Africa I've done work for many local ads for broadcast on Jacaranda FM, Highveld Stereo, KFM and more.
In a broadcasting capacity:
SABC Artes Nomination “Best Personality DJ - 1993”
SABC Artes Nomination “Best Personality DJ – 1991”
I also voiced many corporate videos of which I did the technical final mix too.
My work is present on many IVR platforms.


I am a skilled sound engineer with experience in radio, music recording, sound design and IVR production.
Copywriting runs in the family and all of the examples you'll hear on bodalgo was written, recorded and mixed by yours truly.
Station ID's, bridges and stings also make out part of my experience.
As a musician I also compose/d jingles for ads and radio stations.
Need a bass guitar track? Done!

And, in an effort to upskill I am learning to code and am digging deeper into the ecosystems of Webflow and Shopify.